About the editor…

Regrette Etcetera

::: Regrette Etcetera :::

Artist, Writer, performer, DJ (Meta Etcetera), costumier, makeup artist, sex worker + more…

Sydney, Australia.

::: Contacts :::

Regrette on Facebook


::: Selected projects :::

Distopian Texts

(a critical disability theory/politics archive)

The Fauxist International

(Activist Art movement, 2001-present)

 Club Meta Etcetera

(Experimental club residency, Sydney)

“So this one time i turn up for a trick…”

(Sex work outcall stories 2008-10)

“My Other Closet”

(Musical about queer domestic violence, Mardi Gras 2013)

Ghost Cvnt

(Transfeminine Occult/Hauntology & Ghosts of Communism

site & politic-specific sound/performance )


::: Selected Interviews :::

“Werq the Runway darling!

Or, what Drones taught me about being a better Tranny”

(Artlink Magazine,  vol. 33 #3, 2013)

“Regrette Etcetera”

(Slit Magazine, 2012)

The Genius of Regrette:

“Art, Sex, Drugs & The Politics of Transgender and When Things Get Totally Queer”

(Dangerlands magazine, 2014)


::: as DJ Meta Etcetera :::

DJ Meta Etcetera Facebook

 Club OVAHdrive

(Monthly Queer EDM Club Night. Sydney)

DJ Meta Etcetera 


DJ Meta Etc interviewed

DJ Meta Etcetera


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