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Sicko, Dan. “Techno Rebels: The Renegades of Electronic Funk” 1999 (histories of Detroit techno)


::: Articles & Chapters :::


“tti… Speaks to Underground Resistance” The Thing Is… 20 OCT 2007 

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::: Techno docos :::

Bredow, Gary. 2006. High Tech Soul. USA: Plexi.

Detroit Techno & The Electronic Music Festival: Retrospective // Part 1: Birth of a Festival

underground resistance documentary

Modulations: A History of Dance Music

Universal Techno (1996)

Real Scenes: Detroit (2011)

Real Scenes: Berlin (2012)

“Free Tekno”

“Tekno – The Breath of the Monster ” by Andrea Zambelli

“Spiral Tribe” (bbc dance energy)

Maren Sextro, Holger Wick (dirs.) “We call it techno” 2008

Detroit: Techno City

“When I Sold My Soul to the Machine”

Sub Berlin -“The Story of Tresor”

LOVE IS THE MESSAGE (The Love Parade Documentary, 1995)

See also:

“Sounds Like Techno” (ABC 2003)


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