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— Race/Ethnicity & EDM general 

— Music Tourism & Sampling/Collection Cultures

— “Global Ghettotech”

— Afrofuturism

— Race & Performance Theory



::: Race/Ethnicity & EDM general :::

::: Books :::

Bailey, Marlon M. “Butch Queens Up in Pumps: Gender, Performance, and Ballroom Culture in Detroit” 2013 – University of Michigan Press

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::: Articles & Chapters :::

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::: Music Tourism & Sampling/Collection Cultures ::: 

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::: Global Ghettotech :::


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::: Afrofuturism :::

::: Books :::

Goodman, Steve “Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect, and the Ecology of Fear” 2010

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::: Articles & Chapters :::

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::: Race & Performance Theory :::

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