Rave/Hardcore (+ sub-genres)

::: RAVE :::

::: General club/rave theory :::

::: BOOKS :::

Anderson, Tammy L. “Rave Culture: The Alteration and Decline of a Philadelphia Music Scene” 2009 (Intro)

Contents inc: Corporate Raves, Weeklies, Underground Parties, and More: Defining the Rave–Club Culture Continuum…  Loyalists, Spillovers, and Other Party People: Personal and Collective Identities in the Post-rave Era… From 1990s Massives to Raves’ Death?: Forces of Cultural Change… “Players and Their Tracks”: Types of Cultural Work in the EDM Scene… EDM as a Vibrant Global Scene… Twenty-First-Century Scenes, Sounds, and Selves

Collin, Matthew “Altered State: The Story of Ecstasy Culture and Acid House” 1997 (see also: “Altered State (Updated Edition): The Story of Ecstasy Culture and Acid House”) (no copy)

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Fritz, Jimi “Rave Culture: An Insider’s Overview” 1999 (no copy)

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Reynolds, Simon “Energy Flash: A Journey Through Rave Music and Dance Culture” 2012 (epub copy)

Silcott, Mireille “Rave America: New School Dancescapes” 1999 (no copy)

St John, Graham “Rave Culture and Religion” 2004 (contents, introduction) (no copy)

St John, Graham Technomad: Global raving Countercultures 1st ed. London: Equinox Publishing, 2009. (no copy)

St John, Graham (ed.) “Free NRG: Notes From the Edge of the Dancefloor” (inc. Australian rave/activist/protest texts, flyers, histories)

Sylvan, Robin “Trance Formation: The Spiritual and Religious Dimensions of Global Rave Culture” 2005 (no copy)


::: Rave Politics Articles :::

Alwakeel, Ramzy “The Aesthetics of Protest in UK Rave” Dancecult 1:2 2010

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::: Rave history Websites :::

 Ohms Not Bombs 

Simon Reynolds “Rave and Jungle on UK Pirate Radio” 1998 

UK Free Parties and Free Festivals 1990-1994

Back to the Oldskool (rave history audio archive)

Sydney Rave History http://www.sydneyravehistory.com/, http://www.sydneyravehistory.com/#!rave-subculture/c1jqc

Rave History 

Hardcore Will Never Die (History) 

Zone of the Free

Room 6: Folkestone: Rave History 1989 – 1992 

Geriatric Ravers (Bournemouth History & Flyers Archive)

::: Rave/Hardcore Documentaries :::

Summer of rave (1989)

23 MINUTES WARNING – The Spiral philosophy Documentary – 1994

“Spiral Tribe” (bbc dance energy)

Rave (BBC 1992)

Ecstasy & Shelley’s Laserdome Rave Documentary (1993)

Rave (1992)

E is for Ecstasy – Rave Documentary (1992)

Generation Of Sound (1992/3)

LOVE IS THE MESSAGE (The Love Parade Documentary, 1995)

Loladamusica – Gabber (1995, english subs)

GABBERS! 3Doc 2013 (English Subs)

Gabber: The Evil EDM – Big Night Out Episode 1

Melbourne Shuffle – History of Hardstyle (1 of 7)

This Is Hardcore

MFS Berliner Trance Documentary (1993)

“Music Is My Drug : Psychedelic Trance”

“The Beginning of Trance & Goa trance scene” 1992


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