Club Tracts is set up to function as an accumulator and archive of more interesting critical writing & documentary work on Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and its associated underground cultures, privileging work with a materialist/structural/economic lens. In aiming to be the most complete online collection of EDM culture writings, Club Tracts is intended to challenge and deepen our research and thinking, and strengthen our practice around cultural and artistic politics beyond the scope of, and additive to, conversations around identity politics, cultural appropriation, and ‘subculture’. Club Tracts is created and edited by Regrette Etcetera/DJ Meta Etcetera, stemming from her decade & half of experiences as an artist and organizer, and is open for submissions and suggestions.


Club Tracts, as a broadly para-academic/activist project, is specifically intended to provide simple, direct access to critical thinking on EDM politics. Much of the writing about this politic is stored in academic databases, restricted by costly per-article fees (generally around $20-$35 each), and thus Club Tracts offers free access to the predominance of materials listed on its pages.

“Whilst we cannot put up live links to copyrighted materials”, if there is an article or book that you would like to read but cannot access, contact Club Tracts (club dot tracts at gmail dot com) and a copy of it will be sent to you.

3. Contact

To request materials from the site, use the ‘Request Materials’ box at the bottom of the homepage.

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4. What Club Tracts doesn’t do (yet)…

A disclaimer: Club Tracts is a side-project, compiled, edited & maintained completely for free by one person, & thus naturally skews toward her existing interests & tastes (politically, musically & otherwise) & attentional resources. Therefore it can’t cover everything & everyone, & some inclusions, omissions, or categorizations may appear quite arbitrary (for example, while US hip hop/rap doesn’t feature, Grime does… or “but isn’t Jungle afro-diasporic too!?”). In short, further genres, politics, organizing taxonomies, ‘tones’/sources of writing (like blogs), & writing in other languages will be added & refined over time & as energy permits, & as submissions & suggestions dictate. Thanks.

Thanks to Hunter, Steve & Fleur for the help with text content!